Survey of Accounting 6th Edition

Survey of Accounting (6th Edition)

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Survey of Accounting (6th Edition)

Book Edition6th Edition
Author(s)Edmonds, Edmonds, Olds
PublisherMcGraw-Hill, Inc.

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  1. Chapter 1An Introduction to Accounting

  2. Chapter 2Accounting for Accruals and Deferrals

  3. Chapter 3Accounting for Merchandising Businesses

  4. Chapter 4Internal Controls, Accounting for Cash, and Ethics

  5. Chapter 5Accounting for Receivables and Inventory Cost Flow

  6. Chapter 6Accounting for Long-term Operational Assets

  7. Chapter 7Accounting for Liabilities

  8. Chapter 8Proprietorships, Partnerships, and Corporations

  9. Chapter 9Financial Statement Analysis

  10. Chapter 10An Introduction to Management Accounting

  11. Chapter 11Cost Behavior, Operating Leverage, and Profitability Analysis

  12. Chapter 12Cost Accumulation, Tracing, and Allocation

  13. Chapter 13Relevant Information for Special Decisions

  14. Chapter 14Planning for Profit and Cost Control

  15. Chapter 15Performance Evaluation

  16. Chapter 16Planning for Capital Investments

  17. Chapter ABAppendix B: The Double-Entry Accounting System