The Basic Practice of Statistics 8th Edition

The Basic Practice of Statistics (8th Edition)

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The Basic Practice of Statistics (8th Edition)

Book Edition8th Edition
Author(s)Moore, Notz
Alternate ISBN(s)9781319057930
PublisherMacmillan Publishing, Inc

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  1. Chapter 0Getting Started

  2. Chapter 1Picturing Distributions with Graphs

  3. Chapter 2Describing Distributions with Numbers

  4. Chapter 3The Normal Distributions

  5. Chapter 4Scatterplots and Correlation

  6. Chapter 5Regression

  7. Chapter 6Two-Way Tables*

  8. Chapter 7Exploring Data: Part I Review

  9. Chapter 8Producing Data: Sampling

  10. Chapter 9Producing Data: Experiments

  11. Chapter 10Data Ethics*

  12. Chapter 11Producing Data: Part II Review

  13. Chapter 12Introducing Probability

  14. Chapter 13General Rules of Probability*

  15. Chapter 14Binomial Distributions*

  16. Chapter 15Sampling Distributions

  17. Chapter 16Confidence Intervals: The Basics

  18. Chapter 17Tests of Significance: The Basics

  19. Chapter 18Inference in Practice

  20. Chapter 19From Data Production to Inference: Part III Review

  21. Chapter 20Inference about a Population Mean

  22. Chapter 21Comparing Two Means

  23. Chapter 22Inference about a Population Proportion

  24. Chapter 23Comparing Two Proportions

  25. Chapter 24Inference about Variables: Part IV Review

  26. Chapter 25Two Categorical Variables: The Chi-Square Test

  27. Chapter 26Inference for Regression

  28. Chapter 27One-way Analysis of Variance: Comparing Several Means