The Immune System 4th Edition

The Immune System (4th Edition)

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The Immune System (4th Edition)

Book Edition4th Edition
Alternate ISBN(s)9780815345268
PublisherTaylor & Francis

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  1. Chapter 1Elements of the Immune System and their Roles In Defense

  2. Chapter 2Innate Immunity: The Immediate Response to Infection

  3. Chapter 3Innate Immunity: The Induced Response to Infection

  4. Chapter 4Antibody Structure and the Generation of B-Cell Diversity

  5. Chapter 5Antigen Recognition by T Lymphocytes

  6. Chapter 6The Development of B Lymphocytes

  7. Chapter 7The Development of T Lymphocytes

  8. Chapter 8T Cell-Mediated Immunity

  9. Chapter 9Immunity Mediated by B Cells and Antibodies

  10. Chapter 10Preventing Infection at Mucosal Surfaces

  11. Chapter 11Immunological Memory and Vaccination

  12. Chapter 12Coevolution of Innate and Adaptive Immunity

  13. Chapter 13Failures of the Body's Defenses

  14. Chapter 14IgE-Mediated Immunity and Allergy

  15. Chapter 15Transplantation of Tissues and Organs

  16. Chapter 16Disruption of Healthy Tissue by the Adaptive Immune Response

  17. Chapter 17Cancer and Its Interactions With the Immune System