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The Personality Puzzle 8th Edition

The Personality Puzzle (8th Edition)

Book Edition8th Edition
PublisherW. W. Norton

Chapter 16, End of Chapter, Think About It, Exercise 1

Page 616


Deal makers are the traits that are considered as traits that promote any relationships. In the Big Five, traits of agreeableness and extraversion have better relationships. A person with traits of agreeableness avoids disputes and goes along with people, and an extrovert likes social communication. 

People who have traits of being warm and trustworthy are considered important in any relationship.


Deal breakers are the traits that interfere with having a good relationship. The traits of being aggressive and untrustworthy are considered to be deal breakers in relationships. This is the reason people tend to avoid partners with traits of being aggressive and untrustworthy. People scoring high on dispositional contempt do not make good partners. 


Both the claims about deal makers and deal breakers have empirical support. People often seek agreeableness and extraversion traits, and being aggressive and untrustworthy are the traits that people often avoid. Additionally, the dispositional trait of contempt leads to unhappy relationships, and people tend to avoid partners with this trait. 


There might be a difference in the claims of research and the personal opinion of some people. This might be because human relationships can be complicated. People in romantic relationships or intimate relationships can also depict complicated styles of interaction due to individual differences or differences in personality, that is, at times it might be difficult for the researchers to exactly claim what causes difficulty in the relationship. 

Sample Response

Personality traits can be described as behaviors, thought patterns, and feelings that individuals tend to have regarding things or objects and others. Personality traits reflect relatively stable and consistent aspects, for instance, an individual with a high score on extraversion as a trait is predicted to be friendly in a variety of contexts. Throughout time and across various situations, individuals often differ from each other in terms of their standing on various types of traits, claimed by the trait theory of personality. The Five-Factor Model is the most extensively utilized system of attributes. The term OCEAN stands for the following:

  • Openness
  • Consciousness
  • Extraversion
  • Agreeableness
  • Neuroticism

Traits influence the relationship of a person as they determine the behavior of a person. A relationship is a strong bond between two people, particularly one that involves love or sexual feelings. It also includes their feelings and behaviors toward one another. 

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Page 616