Chapter 26, Section 26.1, Problems, Exercise 26.1
Page 1172

(a) How many constitutional isomers are possible for a triglyceride containing one molecule each of palmitic acid, oleic acid, and stearic acid?

(b) Which of these constitutional isomers are chiral?


  • Constitutional or structural isomers have same molecular formula and different atom connectivity. Three possibilities of triglycerides can be drawn in which oleic acid can be in the middle (A), stearic acid can be in the middle (B) and palmitic acid can be in the middle (C).
  • In each case there is one chiral center. So each of A, B and C will exist as an enantiomeric pair.

Thus total constitutional isomers will be 6 (that is, 2 for each case).

Verified Answer

There are 6 constitutional isomers possible for the given triglyceride.

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Page 1172