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Introduction to Learning and Behavior 5th Edition

Introduction to Learning and Behavior (5th Edition)

Book Edition5th Edition
Author(s)Honey, Powell
Chapter 7, Schedules of Reinforcement, QUICK QUIZ A, Exercise 1
Page 256

A s ________ of reinforcement is the r ________ requirement that must be met in order to obtain reinforcement.

Here is a tip:

Reinforcement is given or withdrawn to increase or decrease the likelihood of the desirable/undesirable behavior.


  • Schedule of reinforcement are rules or guidelines, classified according to time and/or a number of responses that are required to deliver or take away reinforcers or punishers based on the operant behavior shown by a person.
  • For instance, a teacher gives chocolates to the students every time they score well in the science exam. In this scenario, each time the students exhibit the desired response, the teacher gives them chocolates [reinforcement]. This illustrates continuous reinforcement.

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  • schedule

  • response

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Page 256