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Introduction to Learning and Behavior 5th Edition

Introduction to Learning and Behavior (5th Edition)

Book Edition5th Edition
Author(s)Honey, Powell
Chapter 3, Elicited Behaviors, QUICK QUIZ A, Exercise 1
Page 95

A simple, involuntary response to a stimulus is called a ________.

Here is a tip:

This action does not generally involve the brain.


A reflex refers to an involuntary or instantaneous response to a stimulus generated by neural impulses that are sent by the spinal cord. A reflex action may involve a particular group of muscles, the coordination of different body parts, hormonal changes, and other changes in the internal organs. For instance, running after seeing a dog, which involves the movement of legs and other body parts, and experiencing an adrenal rush after seeing a snake are some examples of reflex actions.

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  • Reflex

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Page 95