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Foundations of Business 6th Edition

Foundations of Business (6th Edition)

Book Edition6th Edition
Author(s)Hughes, Pride
PublisherCengage Learning
Section 14-1: Why Is Social Media Important?
Section 14-2: Social media Tools for Business Use
Section 14-3: Achieving Business Objectives Through Social Media
Section 14-4: Developing a Social Media Plan
Section 14-5: Defining E-Business
Section 14-6: Fundamental Models of E-Business
Section 14-7: The Future Of The Internet, Social Media, and E-Business
Chapter 14, Section 14-1, Concept Check, Exercise 01
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According to material in this section, what are the reasons why people use social media?


Social media offers an opportunity for people to communicate with their friends, family and colleagues more easily and conveniently. There are a number of individuals that are finding social media as a more effective collaborative tool for enhancing information sharing. Social media offers people with an opportunity to express their views freely. Because of traditional censorship in traditional media types, the majority of individuals that want to use social media is because it offers greater liberty. Another reason is that social media overcomes the geographical barrier. Many people nowadays want to connect with the people from other countries. In areas where social media is not censored, it can be a powerful tool for global networking. Businesses are using social media for marketing. They can share content and interact with their customers which is an easier way to enhance awareness while at the same time collecting feedback. Even individuals can use social media for creating a personal brand for themselves.


People use social media because of the freedom of expression, the convenience it offers and the coverage.

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