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A+ Guide to Software 9th Edition

A+ Guide to Software (9th Edition)

Book Edition9th Edition
Author(s)Andrews, Dark
PublisherCengage Learning
SubjectComputer Science
Chapter 5, WHAT CUSTOMERS WANT: BEYOND TECHNICAL, Applying Concepts, Exercise 1
Page 211

Billy! This lady says she wants Ace monitor wipes. We got any?" Billy comes from the back room and says, "No, we only carry those," pointing to the wipes in Mary's hand, and returns to the back room. Mary turns to Josie and says, "We only carry these," and puts the wipes back on the shelf. She turns to walk back to her aisle when Josie says to Mary, "Well, those Ace wipes are great wipes. You might want to consider carrying them." Mary says, "I'm only responsible for software." Josie leaves the store.


Discuss this situation in a small group of students and answer the following questions:


If you were Josie, how would you feel about the service in this store?


If I were Josie, I would be disappointed with the service in this store. The staff lacks a helpful and positive attitude. The store does not cultivate positive customer relationships. The staff's attitude should be communicated through their tone of voice, the words they use, how they use eye contact, their facial expression, and a variety of other subjective and subtle ways. Staff attitudes toward Josie are influenced by how you see people, yourself, and your job. Staff attitude is a matter of the heart, not the head. Store employees must make it a habit not to talk down to or patronize customers. Make no attempt to make the customer feel inferior. Customers appreciate it when they are treated with respect by store employees, even if they have made a mistake or are inexperienced. Don't make the customer feel she has wasted your time if the problem is simple to solve. At all times, the customer should be made to feel important.


If I were Josie, I would be dissatisfied with the service at this store.
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Page 211