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Business Law Today, Standard: Text & Summarized Cases 12th Edition

Business Law Today, Standard: Text & Summarized Cases (12th Edition)

Book Edition12th Edition
Author(s)Jentz, Miller
Section 1-1: Business Activities and the Legal Environment
Figure Questions
Section 1-2: Sources of American Law
Figure Questions
Critical Thinking
Section 1-3: The Common Law
Figure Questions
Section 1-4: Classifications of Law
Critical Thinking
Debate This
End of Chapter
Issue Spotters
Critical Thinking and Writing Assignments
Chapter 1, End of Chapter, Business Scenarios and Case Problems, Exercise 1-1
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Binding versus Persuasive Authority. 


A county court in Illinois is deciding a case involving an issue that has never been addressed before in that state's courts. The Iowa Supreme Court, however, recently decided a case involving a very similar fact pattern. Is the Illinois court obligated to follow the Iowa Supreme Court's decision on the issue? If the United States Supreme Court had decided a similar case, would that decision be binding on the Illinois court? Explain. (See The Common Law.)


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