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Web Design: Introductory 6th Edition

Web Design: Introductory (6th Edition)

Book Edition6th Edition
Author(s)Campbell, Shelly
SubjectComputer Science
Audio and Video Elements
Chapter 6, Audio and Video Elements, Your Turn 1, Exercise 2
Page 156

Compare and contrast the products or services offered by at least three vendors. Find reviews of the products or services. Examine costs, file quality, and features of each product or service. List any known incompatibilities with devices or platforms.


The audio vendors are the distributors or stakeholders such as Audacity, Ocenaudio, Adobe audition, and so forth who provide products or services.

  • Audacity provides tools for audio editing, recording, and audio mixing free of cost. It supports MP3, WAV, and AIFF formats with excellent quality output. The interface of audacity is simple and provides powerful tools to perform audio operations.
  • Ocenaudio is a powerful tool for audio mixing, recording, and editing. It is also available for free with a large number of audio filters and supports many formats. It supports only single-track editing. A multi-track editing option is not available.
  • Adobe audition software is available at a cost of 20.99 dollars. It supports all file formats and returns an excellent quality output. It is not capable of converting high-quality digital video files to audio format.

Sample Response

Constraints AudacityOcenaudioAdobe audition
FileMP3, WAV, AIFFMP3 and WAVAll audio formats.
featureAccessible and easy to useaudio filters, simple interfaceNoise reduction, stereo wavefront editor
IncompatibilitySome tools are inconsistent and take more time.It does not support multi-track editing.It cannot convert digital video files to audio format.
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Page 156