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Systems Analysis and Design in a Changing World 7th Edition

Systems Analysis and Design in a Changing World (7th Edition)

Book Edition7th Edition
Author(s)Jackson, Satzinger
SubjectComputer Science
Chapter 12, End of Chapter, REVIEW QUESTIONS, Exercise 1
Page 393

Describe in your own words how an object-oriented program works.


An object-oriented program is a programming technique that relies on the concept of classes and objects. A class simply describes what an object will look like and how it will behave. In this technique, the program logic and data are encapsulated with each object. Program logic and data fields structure is defined by the analyst by defining the class. All objects of that class have a certain set of properties, methods, and accessories. An instance of the object may be declared by giving it a unique, named identity because it may be used in the program. Consequently, these objects interact and communicate with each other by sending messages to each other. For instance,  object A sends a message to object B when it wants to perform one of B's methods

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An object-oriented program contains a set of instantiated objects that interact with each other to get the work done, sending messages to interact, and requesting services from each other to accomplish certain functionality.

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Page 393