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Management 13th Edition

Management (13th Edition)

Book Edition13th Edition
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Apply Your Skills: Small Group Breakout
Chapter 17, End of Chapter, Apply Your Skills: Small Group Breakout, Exercise Step 3
Page 595

Discuss in your group how it felt to maintain eye contact and to not make any verbal response to what your partner was saying.


When a person listens to another person while maintaining continuous eye contact and not being able to utter even a word, different people may feel differently regarding such an experience. The listener may feel:

  • Awkward: The person may feel awkward since people generally move their eyes while interacting with others and are not habitual of continuously making eye contact with other people while talking.
  • Highly concentrated: People generally try to respond while listening to others but since the listener is not allowed to utter even a word and is just allowed to maintain eye contact with the other person. This may lead to a high level of concentration and better listening power.

Sample Response

After carefully listening to another person while maintaining continuous eye contact and without speaking anything, the listener may feel the following:

  • Awkward
  • Highly concentrated
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Page 595