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The Leadership Experience 7th Edition

The Leadership Experience (7th Edition)

Book Edition7th Edition
PublisherCengage Learning
Chapter 7, End of Chapter, DISCUSSION QUESTIONS, Exercise 1
Page 218

Discuss the role of a follower. Why do you think so little emphasis is given to followership compared to leadership in organizations?

Here is a tip:

A good follower does not only obey a leader's command.


  • Followership refers to an individual's capacity to assist the leader in the performance of tasks. Followers do not only follow instructions but they also provide feedback and insight to their leader.
  • Followership is less recognized because employees are all expected to be followers, unlike leaders. The focus has often leaned towards what a follower should do rather than what makes a good follower.

Sample Response

A follower's role is to observe rules, comply with instructions, manage tasks, and provide support for leaders to achieve objectives. Followers also manage their leaders by providing feedback and reports.


Leadership is often emphasized more than followership due to the notion that leaders have greater impact than followers. Leadership is also believed to entail a higher responsibility than followership, which is not necessarily true.

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Page 218