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Essentials of Marketing 7th Edition

Essentials of Marketing (7th Edition)

Book Edition7th Edition
Author(s)Hair, Lamb
PublisherCengage Learning
Chapter 15, End Of Chapter, REVIEW AND APPLICATIONS, Exercise 1.1
Page 550

Discuss the role of public relations in the promotional mix.


Public relations is a vital part of a firm's promotional mix. A company fosters good publicity to enhance its image and promote its products. Popular public relations tools include new-product publicity, product placements, consumer education, sponsorships, and Web sites. An equally important aspect of public relations is managing unfavorable publicity to minimize damage to a firm's image.


How can advertising and publicity work together? Give an example.


Tools of public relations are as follows:

  • New product publicity: It can help advertisers highlight the different features of their product by prompting free news stories or positive word of mouth about it. 
  • Product placements: It is used to create and reinforce brand awareness. Product placement is a strategy where the product gets involved in a movie or TV show, magazine, video game, on the internet or any special events. 
  • Consumer education: Educating customers about the product is more important for some firms. It is more common in technological products like mobile phones, computers, laptops etc. where demonstration is needed.
  • Sponsorships: The company spends money to support a cause like cancer, education, etc. which helps the company to improve its brand image and create more awareness in the society. 
  • Web sites: Nowadays, every company is using websites to sell their products, gain feedback, showcase upcoming events etc. Marketers also use opinion leaders to post reviews about a product which can sway the purchasing decision in its favour. 


Example: Product placement publicity shown by CC in a popular TV show AI. The main aim of the company is to remind the consumer about the product. Most of the consumers start feeling the need of the product, as soon as they see someone else using it. That's how publicity and advertising work together.  

Verified Answer

Advertising and publicity can work together through tools such as:

  • New product publicity
  • Product placements
  • Consumer education
  • Sponsorships
  • Websites

An example for product placement is, L a producer of potato chips,  is being promoted in a reality TV show BB. Another example can be of CC, a soft drink, which was advertised through a singing reality TV show AI.

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