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Management 13th Edition

Management (13th Edition)

Book Edition13th Edition
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Chapter 8, End of Chapter, On the Job Video Cases, Exercise 1
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Evaluate Theo's new strategy in light of the company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.


The biggest advantage that Company T has over its competitors is that Company T creates direct relationships with suppliers or farmers, which ensures the procurement of high-quality raw material. Company T is also the first company in the cocoa industry to obtain organic certification from the government. This gives Company T a competitive advantage its competitors.


Company T focuses on reducing the burden on the planet by adopting environmentally-friendly technologies, which are quite expensive and have become a weakness of the company.


Company T has a limited market presence, so Company T has an opportunity to expand its business beyond national boundaries. The industry wherein Company T is operating is highly competitive; there is a presence of a large number of competitors having a significant market share, which can be a threat to Company T.

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Every company is operating in a competitive environment. Certain factors are under the control and certain factors are beyond the control of a company.


Strengths and weaknesses are a company's internal factors analysis. Company T's strengths are an ethical supply chain and organic certifications. Company T's weaknesses are high production and maintenance costs.


Opportunities and threats are the factors that are beyond a company's control; they are present in the external environment. Business expansion can be an opportunity for Company T and high competition can be a threat for Company T. [1]




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