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Web Design: Introductory 6th Edition

Web Design: Introductory (6th Edition)

Book Edition6th Edition
Author(s)Campbell, Shelly
SubjectComputer Science
Chapter 7, Website Testing, Your Turn 1, Exercise 2
Page 177

Exploring How to Organize a Test Group


Identify individuals you know who match your target audience's profile. Ask the identified individuals and other interested parties, such as friends, family members, and fellow students, to participate in the testing of your website.

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The profile of the target audience considered for testing the website that offers information about sports accessories are listed below.

Age group: 20 to 50

Educational background: Any degree

Gender: Both male and female

Career: Any

Income level: above $ 30,000 per annum

Interests and activities: Sports, Outdoor activities


The following wants, needs, and expectations of individuals are tested.

  • Mobile responsiveness.
  • Attractive and engaging User Interface design.
  • Easy Navigability.
  • Proper structuring of the content.
  • Frequently Asked Questions section.
  • Provision of sitemap.
  • Loading website at a faster pace.
  • Create a clickable logo that takes to the website's Home page.
  • Simple and clean design without complicated and multi-level navigations
  • Site search facility.
  • Chatbot feature that helps with user queries 24X7.

The individuals matching the above profile are asked to test the website.

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Page 177