Chapter P, End of Chapter, Prologue Problem Set, Exercise 1
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What are the seven chronological periods into which the prologue divided history? Which period seems the most interesting to you, and why?




Period. (2015). HistoryExtra.


History is divided into various  periods which are;


The first period is prehistory era or period  -Its also referred to as foundational era  The word pre history refers to unrecorded history. Its the period where the man is believed to have appeared on the planet and its approximated  to be 2.5 million years ago as well as 600 BC or even 1200BC .Its denotes a certain period on earth when there was all kind of human activities as well as history but it was not recorded .Its during this period when human civilization was foundered. Prehistorical period is divided into various eras this include ;

The stone age period - This period is between 2.5 million - 3000BC. In this period man used to make tools using stones that's why it was named as stone age period 

The bronze age period -This period is between 3000BC-1300BC. This period is characterized with several inventions such as wheel  as well as metal work 

Iron age period -It was between 1300BC- 600BC .This period ironwork, systems of writing were introduced.


Classical era or period-This era was between 600BC -AD 476.-It was the start of a philosophical epoch in world history, the  recorded sources of the history of human was first done in this period . The growth and fall  of of many empires occurred during the Classical period. This period is also referred to as classical antiquity. Examples of empire that failed during this period, Persian empire and Byzantine empire


Middle age  period- This period was between ad 476-1450AD

It is also referred to as post classical era 

Dark age is a term used by many historians to refer to this period because during this era all the recorded history was lost due to collapse of Roman Empire .

Middle age period lasted for a millennium due to instability .Its divided into three different periods that's;


Late antiquity - This period was between 476 to 1000AD. This period is characterized by the rebuilding of various power after fall of roman empire .Also in this period is when Islam began in most regions in middle east .

High middle age -This period was between 1000 - 1250 AD

Late middle age -It was between 1250-1450AD - Its during this period that Europeans began exploring various part of the world and also printing press was invented during this period .

Early modern period 

This period was between ad 1450-1750AD .During this period there were many movement .example of these movements are;

The enlightenment  which was between 1650 -1800AD .This period of  enlightenment is also referred to age of reason .

European renaissance which was between 1450 to 1600.During this period  there was rebirth in music ,literature and philosophy .

Reformation of protestants -It was between 1517-1648 AD .during this period catholic church as well as Christianity went apart with Lutheranism.


Modern era or period

This period started in ad 1750 till present

This period is associated with rise of technology as a result of both renaissance as well as enlightenment influence .During this period the life of human developed ,there was various revolution and also monarchy in most countries came to an ended This era had various period such as ,Revolutionary period ,Victorian era ,Industrial revolution ,Information age among many other period 


The most interesting period to me is the modern period 


This is because during this period many inventions and innovations were made during first and second industrial revolution eg cotton gin ,telephones airplane among many other invention this created many opportunity for human growth and development. Also technological advancement changed political, economical as well as social life of man .Not forgetting creation of employment


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