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Foundations of Business 6th Edition

Foundations of Business (6th Edition)

Book Edition6th Edition
Author(s)Hughes, Pride
PublisherCengage Learning
Section 11-1: Managing Customer Relationship
Section 11-2: Utility: The Value Added by Marketing
Section 11-3: The Marketing Concept
Section 11-4: Markets and Their Classification
Section 11-5: Developing Marketing Strategies
Section 11-6: Marketing Strategy and the Marketing Environment
Section 11-7: Developing a Marketing Plan
Section 11-8: Market Measurement and Sales Forecasting
Section 11-9: Marketing Information
Section 11-10: Types of Buying Behavior
Chapter 11, Section 11-1, Concept Check, Exercise 01
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How can technology help to build long-term customer relationships?


How can technology help to build long-term customer relationships?

Technology can help build long-term customer relationships by aiding provision of customer services remotely. A customer would come back to a retailer/company that address his/her complains.

Technology can aid in build long-term customer relationship by offering services such as e-commerce and e-business and the customer can keep on shopping from the same company even when they relocate hence the company-customer relationship will be sustained for the long term.

When customer provided their personal information such as email, technology can help build a long-term customer relationship because technology can help in sending automated sales promotions and discount emails to the customers creating repeated buyers/customers.

Also because the consumer can report a compliment or complain instantly with the aid of technology such as social media platforms, the employees are pushed to commit in providing high quality services to customers hence the customer will keep on returning because of the quality services offered.

Technology helps build a long-term customer relationship by enabling and enhancing customer centric ,putting the customers need first because technology aids in monitoring customer trends,provide platform for customers to provide feedback and keep in touch with customers thus building a long-term relationship.


How can technology help to build long-term customer relationships?

  • Provision of customer services remotely.
  • E-commerce and E-business
  • Marketing
  • Quality services
  • Customer centric
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Page 305