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The Leadership Experience 7th Edition

The Leadership Experience (7th Edition)

Book Edition7th Edition
PublisherCengage Learning
Chapter 14, End of Chapter, DISCUSSION QUESTIONS, Exercise 1
Page 454

How difficult would it be for you as a leader to fire someone who is bringing in big sales and profits for the company but not living up to the cultural values? Explain.

Here is a tip:

Organizations assess employees based on their performance and compliance with cultural values.


The culture of the organization has a big influence on whether or not leaders should fire employees that do not embody the organization's core values.

  • Organizations with strict performance metrics will retain employees based on their ability to meet standards and provide results. The focus of organizations that are goal-oriented is to retain competitive employees that meet their performance goals.
  • Organizations with a high cultural strength retain employees based on their compliance with guidelines and cultural values. The focus of high cultural strength is to make employees accountable for their actions that go against core values.

Sample Response

In a company that prioritizes high-performance, leaders tend to be more lenient towards the behavior of highly productive employees that do not embody the organization's core values. The results that employees provide is highly regarded in a high-performance culture company.


In organizations with high cultural strength, leaders prioritize the compliance of employees to the company's culture, which may cause employees to be dismissed if they do not strictly follow the cultural values even if they perform well.

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Page 454