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Consumer Behavior 7th Edition

Consumer Behavior (7th Edition)

Book Edition7th Edition
Author(s)Hoyer, MacInnis
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Chapter 7, End of Chapter, Questions for Review and Discussion, Exercise 1
Page 200

How does a discrepancy between the ideal state and the actual state affect consumer behavior?


The ideal state is what the consumer wishes to have whereas the actual state is what the consumer has in reality. The discrepancy between the two states is known as problem recognition and it affects consumer behavior. Whenever the consumer notices a problem, he/she comes to action. The bigger the problem is, the higher the motivation, ability, and opportunity to the consumer. For example, a consumer feels hungry and decides to order food.

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As soon as a consumer observes a discrepancy between the ideal state and the actual state, he/she acts to remove or reduce that. As a result, the behavior of the consumer is affected. For example - purchase of books when exams approach.

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Page 200