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Marketing 2018 19th Edition

Marketing 2018 (19th Edition)

Book Edition19th Edition
Author(s)Ferrell, Pride
PublisherCengage Learning
Chapter 9, End of Chapter , Discussion and Review Questions , Exercise 1
Page 286

How does international marketing differ from domestic marketing?

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Marketing involves finding gaps in customer's needs and then fulfilling them with the help or a product, service or idea. 


International marketing refers to performing marketing activities across countries or regions. For example, when company X of country U markets its offerings to various countries then it is international marketing.


Domestic marketing focuses on marketing strategies for markets within the home country (country of origin). For example, when company Y of country U markets its offerings in only country U and nowhere else then it is domestic marketing.

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International marketing differs from domestic marketing in terms of the scope and application of marketing activities. When commercialization of products is done at a global level, it is termed as international marketing, while domestic marketing restricts marketing activities to the home country.

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Page 286