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Chapter 13, End of Chapter, On the Job Video Cases, Exercise 1
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How does JetBlue's commitment to diversity influence the way it treats its employees? How does it influence the way it treats its customers?


Company J is committed to diversity within the organization. It leads to the availability of creative ideas and innovation, which are the products of the presence of people having varied cultures and experiences.

The company has a huge focus on diversity within the organization. So, they hire employees belonging to different backgrounds and do not discriminate based on their differences.  An individual is given an employment opportunity in the organization without considering age, gender, ethnicity, religion, nationality, or disability. The promotions and rewards are also done without discriminating against anyone.

The company also focuses on diversity outside the organization. They have a large customer base coming from varied backgrounds and different physical characteristics. They especially support the LGBT community. They have announced special airlines and organized distinct events for them to support and create a sense of equality and non-discrimination.



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Company J conducts all the recruitment, hiring, promotion, and termination process without any discrimination based on age, gender, race, ethnicity, or religion. A low level of discrimination makes the employees feel that they are treated well.

Company J treats all the customers equally without discriminating against them based on age, gender, and cultural background. It has special support for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community.

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