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Principles of Information Systems 13th Edition

Principles of Information Systems (13th Edition)

Book Edition13th Edition
Author(s)Reynolds, Stair
SubjectComputer Science
Chapter 5, Data Fundamentals, Review Questions, Exercise 1
Page 198

Identify 10 data attributes you would capture for each vehicle theft incident. How many bytes should you allow for each attribute?


Here is a discussion about vehicle theft incidents. This data helps the law enforcement officers investigating the vehicle theft and also mentions the attributes.

Sample Response

Some of the attributes are detailed below, including bytes, 

1. Physical appearance of thefts: Overall physical features of theft and how many thefts included in the incident (40 bytes).

2. Name of owner: Name of the vehicle owner (15 bytes).

3. Owner's address: Address of vehicle owner (40 bytes).

4. Phone number: Phone number (10 bytes).

5. Number plate: Vehicles number plate and understand the registration place (10 bytes).

6. Vehicle model: Understand the model of vehicle and unique features in (20 bytes).

7. Place: Surroundings which theft occurs (50 bytes).

8. Data access: The data which mentioned all facts about the incident in (50 bytes).

9. Day: Mention the day and time when the theft occurs (15 bytes).

10. Direction: The direction in which the vehicle goes away (10 bytes).

Overall analysis: Overview and analysis of overall investigation (50 bytes).

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Page 198