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Introduction to Psychology 11th Edition

Introduction to Psychology (11th Edition)

Book Edition11th Edition
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Section 8.1: Attention and Categorization
Section 8.2: Solving Problems and Making Decisions
Chapter 8, Section 8.1, Review Questions , Exercise 1
Page 261

In a pioneering study, Shepard and Metzler concluded that imagining how something would look from a different angle is something like actually watching something rotate. They drew this conclusion by measuring what?

(a) The delay of people's responses

(b) The accuracy of people's responses

(c) Brain activity

(d) People's self-reports of how they answered the question


When we say "delayed response", it is a typical case of an experimental procedure where for some time after the stimulus has been withdrawn, the subject is not allowed to respond to a stimulus.

A delayed response experiment may involve putting a stimulus object within one of several similar opaque containers while the subject is observing, but is limited, and then allowing the subject after a certain period of delay to search for the object. In the psychological study of both animals and (usually very young) humans, delayed response studies have been performed. Some psychologists assume that the ability to respond appropriately after a considerable delay implies the activity of some form of advanced mental functioning, and that in the comparative psychological study of different organisms, investigations of delayed response are beneficial.


The correct answer is:

a) The delay of people's responses

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Page 261