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Fundamentals of Human Physiology 4th Edition

Fundamentals of Human Physiology (4th Edition)

Book Edition4th Edition
Chapter 10, End of Chapter, Objective Questions, Exercise 1
Page 294

In general, the parallel arrangement of the vascular system enables each organ to receive its own separate arterial blood supply. (True or false?)


Photo from Doctor Lib (


Here is a simple that explains series vs parallel arterial network of microvascular system.


Series (Top) - imagine that the blue line is the main blood vessel and R1 to R3 represents 1 organ each. You will see that R2 will receive blood from R1 only therefore series microvascular pathway do not have separate blood supply; as opposed to


Parallel (Bottom) - the blue one splits into separate lines. That indicates own blood supply/separate blood supply of each organ.


But please keep in mind that human body works in a combined series and parallel networks. Physiologists/Anatomists did only the figure to better understand how hemodynamics work. 



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Page 294