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A History of Modern Psychology 11th Edition

A History of Modern Psychology (11th Edition)

Book Edition11th Edition
Author(s)Schultz, Schultz
Chapter 15, End of Chapter, Review Questions, Exercise 1
Page 381

In what ways did structuralism, functionalism, and Gestalt psychology contribute to the field as we know it today, even though they no longer exist as schools of thought?

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Older schools of thought gave psychology its basic concepts that pertained to the mind and the approach toward seeing the world.


The schools of thought such as structuralism, functionalism, and gestalt psychology contributed to the field of psychology in the following ways:

  • Structuralism- It is based on the concept that consciousness should be divided into parts to study the human mind. It has contributed to psychology's evolution, even though its prevalence has declined today. As it was the first school of thought, it played a great role in shaping the field of psychology.
  • Functionalism- It is based on the concept that functions of the human mind should be studied to understand their psychology. However, it was considered a separate school of thought only when it affected western psychology. As western psychology can be applied to all modern life activities, it was considered a profession. It had a great impact on the field of psychology.
  • Gestalt psychology- It focuses on the wholeness of an object or a human being by stating that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It was considered a great success as it had a great impact on psychology. The ability of individuals to develop and maintain accurate perceptions in a world full of chaos is described by this school.

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The three schools of thought in psychology that had a great impact on the field were:

  • Structuralism- It was the first school of thought that was an evolutionary school in itself. It faced opposition from different psychologists, but was able to set a benchmark in the field of psychology by giving concepts such as the elements of consciousness.
  • Functionalism- It was considered a school of thought when it began to affect western psychology, which is considered a profession. It emphasized studying the causes of a person's behavior, which had an impact on psychology.
  • Gestalt psychology- It gave concepts such as laws of perceptual organization and showed the connection between parts of an object with the whole object. It was considered a great success in the field of psychology.
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