Chapter 11, End of Chapter, REVIEW QUESTIONS, Exercise 1
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List six major reasons that cause projects to fail.


For a project to run successfully, it must work from every aspect. Any wrong upbringing of the project can lead to an unsuccessful attempt to run the project. The six reasons that can cause the project to go wrong are given below:

  1. Chaotic management practices- To implement the project, having a proper flow is very important. To get the required structure for the system, the management of the project needs to be on target. Undisciplined and disorganized management practices can cause the end product to not match the expectations.
  2. Poor IT management and coordination- The Information Technology team needs to be very careful during the execution of the project. Even though the success of a project majorly depends on management, the IT team is responsible for the actual implementation of the project requirements. Lack of coordination among team members causes faulty project development
  3. Insufficient executive support- A project requires adequate amount of executive support. The executive support can shape the project in a big way. Projects with less involvement of the executive team will fail on grounds of lack of proper updates and feedback.
  4. Insufficient working experience of project managers- A project manager must have previously handled a project and helped to execute the project on time and within the stipulated budget. The project manager creates the project timeline, manages resources and coordinates between the developers and clients. Inexperienced project managers can cause havoc as they are incapable of taking on the aforementioned responsibilities.
  5. Scarce understanding of the business needs- Before starting the project, the first and foremost thing is to think about all modules and related sub-modules required for the project. Wrong interpretation of the business needs will lead to wrong implementation of the project.
  6. Insufficient involvement of users- It is the responsibility of the user to check the system and report bugs from the system, if any. Many times, a project is created and deployed in the market without the involvement of the users. Systems are developed specifically for the users. As a result, the users need to test the system for themselves and report any errors, additional requirements and changes that they might find. Neglecting this step often leads to deployment of faulty systems which are not patronized by the targeted users.

Verified Answer

The six reasons for the failure of a project are given below:

  1. Chaotic management practices
  2. Poor IT management and coordination
  3. Insufficient executive support
  4. Insufficient working experience of the project managers
  5. Scarce understanding of the business needs
  6. Insufficient involvement of the user
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