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Anderson's Business Law and the Legal Environment, Comprehensive Volume 23rd Edition

Anderson's Business Law and the Legal Environment, Comprehensive Volume (23rd Edition)

Book Edition23rd Edition
Author(s)Jennings, Twomey
PublisherCengage Learning
Chapter 39, End of Chapter, Questions and Case Problems, Exercise 1
Page 817

List the major federal statutes dealing with the regulation of equal rights in employment.


Both employees and employers must be are of these federal statutes which include:

  • Title VII of the Civil Rights Act- this acts prohibits discrimination on the bases of color, sex, race, religion, or nationality. Employment activities such as recruitment, selection, retention, or promotions must be conducted fairly.
  • Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009- this acts prohibits discrimination on the basis of age and sex. It clearly explains the meaning of a discriminatory act such as offering a woman a lower salary compared to a male counterpart.
  • Genetic information non-discrimination act(GINA) of 2008- while making employment and health insurance decisions, those involved are prohibited from using and misusing genetic information.


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There exists various federal statutes that protect the workers' civil rights in the US. These statutes prohibit discrimination in employment such as all citizens are subject to equal employment opportunities regardless of their sex, nationality, age, color, or race.

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Page 817