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Management 13th Edition

Management (13th Edition)

Book Edition13th Edition
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List the three broad management skill categories and explain which skills are needed most for each of the Camp Bow Wow leaders highlighted in the video.


A leader requires certain skills to perform managerial activities. It helps in developing the overall performance of the organization. These skills can be broadly classified as follows:

  • Conceptual skills are required mostly by the managers at the top-level positions. It involves strategic thinking, long-term planning, analysis, evaluation, and more. It is important in the decision-making process.
  • Human skills are considered an essential part of managerial activities. Human skills comprise the leader's ability to deal with other people in an organization. It is characterized by the potential to encourage, motivate, coordinate, guide, and resolve conflicts.
  • Technical skills involve specialization and expertise in a particular field. These skills are necessary especially for the managers at the lower-level positions.

Company CBW was founded by Individual HG as the first dog care facility in State C. The company further grew to be the largest pet care franchise in Continent NA. It turned out to be a leading dog care and boarding service provider.


All the above-mentioned skills are required in the managerial activities in one or the other way. The top management of the company requires conceptual skills to plan and analyze various situations and challenges, and come up with effective decisions to improve business performance. They also require human skills to develop an effective relationship between the employees and the management for the smooth functioning of business activities and effective information flow. It is also required to build a good customer relationship.


Note: Students are expected to watch the video listed in the textbook.

Sample Response

The managerial skills can broadly be classified into three main types, namely:

  • Conceptual
  • Human
  • Technical

The leaders of Company CBW require conceptual and human skills the most to run the company smoothly and efficiently.

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