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Management 13th Edition

Management (13th Edition)

Book Edition13th Edition
PublisherCengage Learning
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On the Job Video Cases
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Chapter 12, End of Chapter, On the Job Video Cases, Exercise 1
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List the three main activities of HRM and identify which activity is examined at length in the video.


The significant activities of human resources management are explained as follows:

  • Taking the right people to work: It includes the activities of choosing the right people for the job. For selecting the right people, the job needs to be analyzed, the requirement of human resources is forecasted, and staff is recruited on the basis of the selection criteria.
  • Managing the talent: It includes organizing training and development programs for human resources by performing an appraisal of the work done by the human resources.
  • Retaining efficient staff: It includes the maintenance of the labor-relation activities and termination procedures at the workplace.

The right people to work in Company B are chosen on the basis of the interview; the way to forecast job requirements and selection criteria is discussed in the video.


Note: Students are expected to watch the video listed in the textbook.

Sample Response

The tasks performed by the human resources management are as follows:

  • Taking the right people to work
  • Managing the talent
  • Retaining efficient staff

The video majorly covers the significant activity of human resources management of choosing the right people to work in Company B.

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Page 409