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Effective Management 7th Edition

Effective Management (7th Edition)

Book Edition7th Edition
PublisherCengage Learning
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What to Watch for and Ask Yourself
Chapter 12, End of Chapter, What to Watch for and Ask Yourself, Exercise 2
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Camp Bow Wow: Leadership


Although consistency and conformity are critical to the success of any chain, Camp Bow Wow seeks creative input from its franchisees. Founder Heidi Ganahl keeps a door open for anyone who wants to meet and offer feedback. The policy has produced many visible improvements to the company. Because franchise companies attract hundreds of independent business owners into the system, Ganahl has to work with many strong leaders, which requires two-way cooperation and respect. She also has to manage personal relationships and keep every individual focused on business.


Where does Heidi Ganahl's leadership fall on the Blake/Mouton leadership grid? Explain.

Page 411