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Effective Management 7th Edition

Effective Management (7th Edition)

Book Edition7th Edition
PublisherCengage Learning
Chapter 2, End of Chapter, What to Watch for and Ask Yourself, Exercise 1
Page 58



Camp Bow Wow: The Environment and Corporate Culture


In 10 years, Camp Bow Wow has grown from a single kennel in Denver, Colorado, to a $40 million business, with more than 150 locations. The transition from a small family business to a national chain, however, required a shift from a family-based culture to a business- and performance-based culture. A key element of Camp Bow Wow's culture is the staff's deep emotional connection with animals. The connection is immediately apparent at corporate headquarters, where offices are bustling with employees and pets alike. According to founder Heidi Ganahl, "What we do is focus on what's important to us, and that's the animals."


What aspects of Camp Bow Wow's corporate culture reflect the surface level of the organizational culture? What aspects reflect the values and beliefs? What aspects reflect the unconsciously held assumptions and beliefs?

Page 58