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Introduction to Learning and Behavior 5th Edition

Introduction to Learning and Behavior (5th Edition)

Book Edition5th Edition
Author(s)Honey, Powell
Chapter 10, Choice and Matching, QUICK QUIZ A, Exercise 1
Page 376

Many behaviors are reinforced on a c ________ schedule in which two or more schedules of reinforcement are s ________ available.

Here is a tip:

Making a choice between different alternatives available is relatively simpler. An organism is able to choose an alternative that is perceived to be more profitable and requires lesser effort. 


A concurrent schedule of reinforcement involves the introduction of multiple independent schedules at the same time, and meeting the criteria of any one of them leads to the desired outcome. An organism is given the choice to respond to any of the schedules presented. 

For instance, a child has a choice between completing ten rounds of the ground [Fixed Ratio-10] and doing push-ups five times [Fixed Ratio-5]. Fulfilling any of these two conditions will fetch them the desired stimuli. 

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  • concurrent

  • simultaneously 

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Page 376