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Principles of Information Systems 13th Edition

Principles of Information Systems (13th Edition)

Book Edition13th Edition
Author(s)Reynolds, Stair
SubjectComputer Science
Chapter 12, Waterfall System Development Process, Review Questions, Exercise 1
Page 538

Outline the tasks that must be accomplished to successfully complete user acceptance testing.

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UAT is otherwise called beta testing ,application testing and end client testing.


As demonstrated by Techopedia, customer affirmation testing can be described as: User affirmation testing (UAT Testing) is the last time of the item testing process. During UAT, real programming customers test the item to guarantee it can manage required assignments in genuine circumstances, according to conclusions. 

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UAT involves the following steps-

  • The UAT test team is selected from the set of likely users.
  • The UAT test team is trained using the currently available training material.
  • The overall UAT strategy and schedule is defined.
  • The UAT team designs test cases to exercise the functions and features of the information system.
  • The test cases are documented in a clear and simple step by step manner to make the tests easy to execute.
  • The UAT team executes the defined test cases and documents the results of each test.
  • The software development team review the test results
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Page 538