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Web Design: Introductory 6th Edition

Web Design: Introductory (6th Edition)

Book Edition6th Edition
Author(s)Campbell, Shelly
SubjectComputer Science
Ways to Access the Internet and the Web
Your Turn 1
Types of Websites
Your Turn 2
Web Design Tools
Your Turn 1
Web Design Roles
Your Turn 1
Chapter 1, Ways to Access the Internet and the Web, Your Turn 1, Exercise 5
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Rank the options, taking both price and effectiveness into account. Which would you choose, and why?


After identifying domain names, use domain name appraisal tools such as EstiBot to determine the value of the domain name. Enter the domain name in the text box provided and click Appraise. It shows the basic information related to the domain name and its value. It also shows details about how it computed the value from the resale value of similar domain names. It also shows analytics which helps us to understand the value of the domain better. 

  • The first domain name is short, it describes the business correctly and it is also the cheapest of the three. However, it is found that the value of this domain name is less than $100.
  • The domain name is highly expensive as it costs around $4887 but it perfectly defines the purpose of the website, it is easily memorable and also very catchy. The value is very high, which is $ 58,000. Many TLDs such as .org, .info, .biz and .us are also available. 
  • The domain name lacks simplicity and it costs around $997. The value is less than $100 according to Estibot. It has got a very low score since it is very lengthy and the word "restore" is not a commonly used search keyword on Google. Therefore, It is the last choice.

The domain name must be selected based on the resale value. The domain name is chosen for its value for money.

Sample Response


Among the three, the domain name has the highest resale value and serves the intended purpose and therefore, it will be chosen.

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