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A+ Guide to Software 9th Edition

A+ Guide to Software (9th Edition)

Book Edition9th Edition
Author(s)Andrews, Dark
PublisherCengage Learning
SubjectComputer Science
Chapter 4, WINDOWS UTILITIES AND TOOLS TO SUPPORT, Hands-On Project, Exercise 4-1
Page 174

Research Running Processes


Boot to the Windows desktop and then use Task Manager to get a list of all the running processes on your machine. Use the Windows Snipping Tool to save and print the Task Manager screens showing the list of processes. Next, perform a clean boot. Which processes that were loaded normally are not loaded when the system is running after a clean boot?


Step 1

Snapshot of the Task Manager screen which showing the list of all running processes.





Step 2

Performing Clean Boot:

  • open System Configurations from msconfig.



  • In General tab, click Selective startup and clear the Load startup items check box.


  • In Services tab, Disable all the Microsoft services by selecting the Hide all Microsoft services check box.


  • In Startup tab, click on Open Task Manager link and disable all the startup items which are enabled.



  • Restart the system.



Step 3

After performing a clean boot:


All disabled services(like Microsoft services) are not loaded after clean boot up.


Hope you find my explanation helpful. Thanks!

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Page 174