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Web Design: Introductory 6th Edition

Web Design: Introductory (6th Edition)

Book Edition6th Edition
Author(s)Campbell, Shelly
SubjectComputer Science
The Environment and the Tools
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Chapter 5, The Environment and the Tools, Your Turn 1, Exercise 2
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Review the home page and two subsidiary pages at each website. How do fonts and font sizes set the mood for website visitors? How do the fonts for headings and content differ? Does the design use serif or sans serif fonts, or a combination?


The website's font and font size are dependent upon the developer's choice and website contents. Some developers use two or more fonts to highlight the website contents but some developers use different font styles to attract the visitor's attention.

  • The gaming website uses fantasy font and also serif fonts to attract the visitor and turn their mood for fun, excitement, and challenge. 
  • The news website uses a sans serif font with moderate to large text. The breaking news section might use a larger font size compared to other sections.
  • The investment websites are more focused on numerical values so they use the bold style with a moderate font size to give the website a professional look.
  • The heading has a predefined font size and font style such as the H1 heading, the font size is 18 and the font style is bold.
  • Gaming websites generally use serif fonts but investment websites use the sans serif font. News websites use a combination of both fonts.

Sample Response

  • The font style and size recommend a specific state of mind when the visitors visit a website. Gaming websites use stylish and trendy fonts whereas a news website uses a professional font. It helps in establishing an identity for a brand.
  • The heading has a fixed font size and unique font style whereas the contents have different font sizes and font styles and it varies from one web page to another.
  • Headings are displayed using serif font or sans-serif fonts whereas content is displayed using serif fonts. 
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Page 132