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Essentials of Psychology: Concepts and Applications 5th Edition

Essentials of Psychology: Concepts and Applications (5th Edition)

Book Edition5th Edition
Section 4.1: States of Consciousness
Recite It
Think About It
Section 4.3: Altering Consciousness Through Meditation and Hypnosis
Section 4.4: Altering Consciousness Through Drugs
The Brain Loves a Puzzle
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Chapter 4, Section 4.1, Try This Out, Exercise 01
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Savoring Your Food


What differences do you notice between this experience and your usual dining experience?

Here is a tip:

Current thoughts being directed towards the desired object.


According to the present concept, when an individual provides undivided attention to a particular task, the individual can focus not only on the observable stimuli but also on the internal stimuli.


As, when an individual focuses on more than just one stimulus, they are unable to function to their highest potential. Giving a suitable amount of focus to one particular task and engaging in that activity without any form of disturbance allows the individual to experience the process unadulterated.


The individual experiences heightened awareness and are also able to subside any form of distraction that may arise. The person enters a state of flow or gets absorbed into the task.

Verified Answer

According to person N, concentrating on the particular task in the suggested way, enabled her to appreciate the various flavors of the food.

Person N found that while she usually undertakes the given activity in daily routine, her attention was often divided into various other tasks. This time she was focused on her meal, and she was able to appreciate her meal. She was also able to experience the feeling of satiety and explore different flavors of her meal.

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Page 135