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Social Psychology and Human Nature 4th Edition

Social Psychology and Human Nature (4th Edition)

Book Edition4th Edition
Author(s)Baumeister, Bushman
Section 2.1: Nature and Social Behavior
Section 2.2: Culture and Human Social Life
Section 2.3: Important Features of Human Social Life
Chapter 2, Section 2.1, Quiz Yourself, Exercise 1
Page 40

The finding that kids who watch violent TV programs become more aggressive as adults than do kids who watch nonviolent TV programs can best be explained in terms of _ influences.
  • a. biological
  • b. genetic
  • c. hormonal
  • d. societal



Most children today are linked into electronics such as televisions, video game consoles, tablets, and cellphones even before they can ride a bicycle. Technology is a necessary aspect of existence. Parents can also teach their children how to use smart media to make technology a healthy part of their lives. Preschoolers can use public television to learn the alphabet, grade schoolers can use educational applications and games, and teenagers can conduct research online. But in terms of societal, children who see violence on television are more likely to be hostile and to believe that the world is dangerous and that something awful will happen to them. And those violent TV shows are portrayed by society, and if children are exposed to these types of shows, they are more likely to become violent as adults.



  • d. societal
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Page 40