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Chapter 13, End Of Chapter, REVIEW PROBLEMS, Exercise I
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The following measures belong to one of four perspectives: financial, customer, process, or learning and growth.
  1. Revenues from new products
  2. On-time delivery percentage
  3. Economic value added
  4. Employee satisfaction
  5. Cycle time
  6. First-pass yields
  7. Strategic job coverage ratio
  8. Number of new customers
  9. Unit product cost
  10. Customer profitability
Classify each measure by perspective, and suggest a possible strategic objective that might be associated with the measure.


Financial perspective:

1. Revenue from new products

2. Economic value added

Strategic objective: Increase sales revenue, increase job profitability, develop new customers and markets, productivity improvement, improve asset utilization

Customer perspective:

1. number of new customers

2. On time delivery percentage

3. customer profitability

Strategic objective: Increased number of customers, increased number of sales, increased market share, increase customer acquisition and retention, increase performance value, increase delivery reliability.

Internal process perspective:

1. Unit product cost

2. Cycle time

3. First pass yields

Strategic objective: increase choice of materials, reduced costs of materials, increase process quality, improve order turnaround time, improve quote turnaround time, increased service efficiency and quality, 

Learning and growth perspective:

1. Employee satisfaction

2. Strategic job coverage ratio

Strategic objective: Increase employee capabilities, increase motivation and alignment, increase information system capabilities, increase customer service personnel knowledge.

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Page 713