Chapter 4, Some Basic Conditioning Phenomena, QUICK QUIZ A, Exercise 1
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The process of strengthening a conditioned response through repeated pairings of an NS with a US is known as ________. In general, conditioning proceeds more (rapidly/slowly) during the early trials of a conditioning procedure.

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The development of a learned response is an outcome of recurring associations between conditioned and unconditioned stimulus.


When a neutral stimulus [NS- that does not have the potential to evoke a response] is frequently associated with an unconditioned stimulus [US- that naturally has the potential to evoke a response], then the conditioned response [a response that is generated by a conditioned stimulus which was a neutral stimulus before conditioning] is strengthened. This process is called acquisition. For instance, the ringing of the doorbell [NS] evokes happiness [CS] in a person when the doorbell is associated with the arrival of their father.

During the initial trials of conditioning, the strength of acquisition is rapid. The intensity of acquisition of conditioned or learned response levels off with increasing trials.

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  • Acquisition

  • Rapidly

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