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Concepts of Database Management 10th Edition

Concepts of Database Management (10th Edition)

Book Edition10th Edition
Author(s)Last, Pratt
SubjectComputer Science
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Critical Thinking Questions 1
Chapter AE, End of Chapter, Critical Thinking Questions 1, Exercise 1
Page 375

Use books, the Internet, and/or other sources to investigate "best practices" in conducting interviews to determine system requirements. Prepare a one-page, double-spaced document report that summarizes your findings. Include links or citations for your source documents


  • Search the Internet about best practices for conducting interviews to gather system requirements and find articles and research papers about the same. One such article is cited here.
  • Read the article thoroughly to understand the points mentioned.
  • Start writing an essay about it in your own words. First, write a brief introduction about the topic mentioning the importance of the interview.
  • Next, mention the points to keep in mind while conducting the interview.
  • Each point must be clear and understandable.




Works cited

"Requirements Determination and Requirements Structuring",, 18 Oct. 2021, 

Sample Response

The interviews for creating a system requirement document used by the developer team and of use by the testing team must be accurate in order to meet all the client requirements, as it is important for creating a business presence and good quality level for assurance to the client and new possible clients. The important steps for conducting interviews are summarized below.[1]

  1. The first step is to know about the organization and also the objectives of the software product to be developed. The questions to be asked in the interview must be prepared after analyzing all the relevant information.[1]
  2. Consult the testing team, the project manager, and the development team regarding the document, and also share a rough first draft of the document with the respective leads of the departments, and make a final draft consisting of the questions.[1]
  3. Keep the document simple and don't complicate the questions too much, in order to make it easy for the client to understand the questions, so the answers are well defined, which can later help the development team.[1]
  4. The most important task is to carefully listen to the answers of the client for the questions asked and make notes of the important topics.[1]
  5. The most common follow-up question about the system must also be written down in the document, in order to help during the interview.[1]
  6. Review the complete document within 48 hours after the interview to resolve any doubts and get a better understanding.[1]
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