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Business English 13th Edition

Business English (13th Edition)

Book Edition13th Edition
Author(s)Guffey, Seefer
PublisherCengage Learning
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Chapter 13, Start of Chapter, PRETEST, Exercise 1
Page 423

Use proofreading marks to capitalize ( ≡ ) or to show lowercase ( / ) letters in the following sentences. Compare your answers with those at the bottom of the page.


the week before christmas is the busiest time for the united states postal service.


Capitalization is used to emphasize or demonstrate the importance of a word or a group of words.

  • Because the article 'the' starts the statement, it must be capitalized.
  • The capitalization of religious festivals and holidays is required, hence capital C is utilized.
  • Governmental organizations must have their names capitalized, and when nation names are included in the name, the first letters of each word in the name must be capitalized.

Sample Response

The first letter of the terms The, Festival C, Country US, and Postal Service should all be capitalised.

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Page 423