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Fundamentals of Human Physiology 4th Edition

Fundamentals of Human Physiology (4th Edition)

Book Edition4th Edition
Chapter 10, End of Chapter, Objective Questions, Exercise 9
Page 294

Using the answer code on the right, indicate what kind of compensatory changes occur in the factors in question to restore blood pressure to normal in response to hypotension resulting from severe hemorrhage:

___ 1. rate of afferent firing generated by the carotid sinus and aortic arch baroreceptors(a) increased
___ 2. sympathetic output by the cardiovascular center(b) decreased
___ 3. parasympathetic output by the cardiovascular center(c) no effect
___ 4. heart rate 
___ 5. stroke volume 
___ 6. cardiac output 
___ 7. arteriolar radius 
___ 8. total peripheral resistance 
___ 9. venous radius 
___ 10. venous return 
___ 11. urinary output 
___ 12. fluid retention within the body 
___ 13. fluid movement from interstitial fluid into plasma across the capillaries 

Page 294