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Chemical Principles 8th Edition

Chemical Principles (8th Edition)

Book Edition8th Edition
Author(s)DeCoste, Zumdahl
PublisherCengage Learning
Section 12.3: The Atomic Spectrum of Hydrogen
Critical Thinking
Section 12.13: The Aufbau Principle and The Periodic Table
Critical Thinking
Section 12.14: Further Development of the Polyelectronic Model
Critical Thinking
End of Chapter
Chapter 12, Section 12.3, Critical Thinking, Exercise 01
Page 445

We now have evidence that electron energy levels in the atoms are quantized. Some of this evidence is discussed in this chapter. What if energy levels in atoms were not quantized? What are some differences we would notice?


Quantum theory states that the behavior of electrons in an atom is guided by energy levels. These energy levels are quantized to only allow certain values of energy in a particle.

Therefore, if electron energy levels were not quantized, all electrons would be continuously excited at any given energy level.



If energy levels present in an atom are not quantized, then all electrons will be excited at any given energy. This means that there is the continuum of energy and the atoms would also constantly emit energy. For example, without the application of the Quantum theory, all forms of light will only appear as white due to all energies being emmitted without the theory of energy levels.

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Page 445