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CMPTR 3rd Edition

CMPTR (3rd Edition)

Book Edition3rd Edition
Author(s)Pinard, Romer, Morley
PublisherCengage Learning
SubjectComputer Science
Chapter 10, End of Chapter, QUIZ YOURSELF, Exercise 1
Page 307

What are nonprinting characters, and how do you display them?


The nonprinting character shows paragraph marks or other symbols that are used for formatting. The nonprinting character is used to check whether there is an extra space or whether the paragraph has ended.

The Show/Hide button ¶ shows the nonprinting character even when Word is closed. To hide the nonprinting characters, the Show/Hide button ¶ can be toggled on/off.

Verified Answer

A character that is not printed in a Word file is a nonprinting character. It is used to control the display.

The Show/Hide button can be toggled on/off to display.

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Page 307