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Management 13th Edition

Management (13th Edition)

Book Edition13th Edition
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Apply Your Skills: Small Group Breakout
Chapter 18, End of Chapter, Apply Your Skills: Small Group Breakout, Exercise Step 3
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What are the implications of these answers for you as a member of a future team? How might you change your behavior to make a greater contribution to a team?


As a future team member, the following might be the implied from the situations:

  • Coordination among the team members is really important, in order to understand each other and work together. So, it is the most appreciated behavior in a team member.
  • People with different thoughts and ideas end up having a conflict of interest with the team and team members. This gives rise to unappreciated behavior in team members.
  • As an individual, people work with rules and regulations to bring the best results, so it could be good behavior as a team member.
  • It is hard to coordinate properly while working with superiors. Doing so might be highly unappreciated.

As a team member, an individual may contribute complete efforts and work on interpersonal skills. Communicating with several individuals is going to help the team members to work with each other effectively.

Sample Response

The conclusion that can be drawn from all the scenarios may vary from individual to individual. It can be as follows:

  • Coordination may be implied as to the appreciated behavior by a team member.
  • Conflict of interest may not be implied as to the appreciated behavior of a team member.
  • Working with rules and regulations may be the appreciated behavior in an individual.
  • Coordination with superiors may not be the appreciated behavior in an individual.

Working on communication and interpersonal skills can be an individual's most effective contribution as a member of a team.

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Page 631