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Principles of Information Systems 13th Edition

Principles of Information Systems (13th Edition)

Book Edition13th Edition
Author(s)Reynolds, Stair
SubjectComputer Science
Chapter 9, What Are Analytics and Business Intelligence?, Review Questions, Exercise 1
Page 387

What are the key components that Argosy must put into place to create an environment for a successful BI and analytics program?

Here is a tip:

BI helps in managing data and making decisions.


Data management is a process of administration that includes protective, storing, validating, acquiring, and processing of data. It is important to have the security of data and processing of data to ensure that there will be no loss of data.

Creative data scientists are those who understand the business and all analytics tools. They also know about the strength and weakness of the data, tools, and techniques and use this information to make superior decisions in an uncertain environment.

Sample Response

The key components are the following:

  • Need for solid data management
  • Creative data scientists
  • Commitment to data-driven decision making
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Page 387