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Management 13th Edition

Management (13th Edition)

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Chapter 4, End of Chapter, On the Job Video Cases, Exercise 1
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What evidence do you see of a global mind-set in these managers? List at least three examples of global thinking provided in the video.


The management team of Company B has a huge focus on expanding their business across the world. The following are some evidences explaining it:

  • The managers in the company invest a lot in gaining knowledge and skills. This knowledge includes the methods or ways that can be used for global expansion. They hire employees across the world and make efforts to understand their culture. They keep tracking global trends to meet global requirements.
  • The managers in the company do not just focus on the changes in global trends, but also make an effort to adapt those changes to sustain in the global market. It is a very challenging task to explore global aspects.
  • The managers pay a lot of attention to understand the global business perspectives. They aim at hiring employees from different locations, who share a passion for the industry and are ready to develop the business over the world as a distributor.

The following examples explain the characteristics of management with global thinking:

  • The Chief Executive Officer of Company B stated that the industry has dramatically grown, and a lot of research and development activities were conducted. They have identified that the business can grow considering the global demand. Commercialization and competitors analysis were also given considerate importance.
  • The CEO explained that the people working for the organization play a major role and, consequently, paid attention to independent distributors overseas.
  • The CEO said that the reason for success of the company is its unique culture, which is formed by assembling all the people from different locations having different cultural backgrounds.


Note: Students are expected to watch the video listed in the textbook.

Sample Response

The managers at Company B has a view to expand their business globally, and it can be confirmed by the following traits:

  • Global intellectual skills for expansion and growth
  • Focusing on global changing trends and adapting them
  • Ability to understand different cultures and finding people with the same passion.

The various instances that showcase these traits are as follows:

  • Expenditure on research and development activities
  • Polycentric approach
  • Importance of cultural diversity
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